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Zoho Mail as IMAP Account


Configuring Zoho Mail as IMAP Account
Enabling IMAP access will enable mail clients like Outlook to access Zoho mail using IMAP. IMAP is recommended over POP as IMAP offers a two-way communication with the mail client you use. This means, you can use either Zoho Mail or the IMAP Client and still the data will be synchronized.

Enable IMAP Access

You need to Enable IMAP Access of your Zoho Mail Account in the Settings section first, if you want to configure your Zoho Account as IMAP Account in desktop Clients like Outlook, Thunderbird etc or Advanced Mobile devices like iPhone or Android, which have built in Mail Application with IMAP support. Follow the steps below to enable IMAP Access to Zoho mail.

  1. Click Settings
  2. Go to Mail Settings >> Email Forwarding and POP/ IMAP
  3. In the IMAP Section, Select

    • Enable - This will enable IMAP and when configured on a client, it will download all the messages in the mailbox.
    • Disable– This will disable IMAP and will stop synchronization of the messages in the mailbox.

IMAP Configuration settings for Zoho Mail

You can configure Zoho mail in any Email client which supports IMAP server. Basic settings for configuring IMAP access for Zoho are given below.
IMAP Settings for ZOHO Mail Access 
Parameter @Zoho Address @Domain (Hosted with Zoho)
Email Address Username@zoho.com Username@yourdomain.com
User Name format Username@zoho.com Username@yourdomain.com
Incoming Mail Server Name imap.zoho.com
Incoming Port No. 993
Secure Connection (SSL) Yes
Outgoing Mail Server Name smtp.zoho.com
Outgoing Port No. 465
Outgoing Mail Server requires authentication Yes

Folder View Settings for IMAP

You can optimize the performance of your IMAP client by choosing the folders you want to synchronize in IMAP. If you have a huge mailbox with a lot of folders, viewing and synchronizing all folders in IMAP clients like iPhone may be time consuming and cumbersome due to the size of data. You can choose the folders, which you want to sync in IMAP.

  1. Log in to www.zoho.com/mail
  2. Click Settings >> Mail >> Email Forwarding  / POP and IMAP
  3. Under the IMAP access section, Click 'View or change Folder'
  4. Click on the check box under View in IMAP column across the Folder to enable viewing the selected folders in the configured IMAP clients.

  5. The column IMAP View will be available for Zoho Account for which IMAP Access is enabled

IMAP Expunge Option

The IMAP Protocol, marks the message for deletion when you actually delete tha message in a IMAP Client. i.e, The message will be removed from the view in the IMAP Client, but still will be available in Zoho Mail and will only be removed only after a preset period off time. Now Zoho Mail provides you an option to immediately Expunge messages, when you delete in IMAP client. However, if you do not want to immediately delete Messages, you can choose the other option available.
  1. Go to Mail Settings >> Email Forwarding and POP/ IMAP
  2. In the IMAP Section, Select your preferred Expunge option for IMAP
    • Immediately Expunge Messages when I mark them deleted in IMAP- This will remove messages in Zoho Mail when you delete in IMAP client
    • Do not automatically Expunge Messages - This will wait till the Folder Expunge before the mail is deleted from Zoho Mail

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