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Email Hosting with Zoho


Domain Email Hosting for Businesses

You can enable Email Hosting for your domain with Zoho in the simple 5 steps provided below. 

Zoho Mail is an effective tool for communication between the corporate employees, within and outside an Organization. Zoho Mail Suite’s control panel, provides the IT or Email Administrator of the business, powerful option to manage and set up the mail system for the organization, without having to worry about the hardware or software installation or upgrades.  It provides the best aspects of both webmail and desktop mail client applications. Further it is integrated with Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes and an embedded chat which make Zoho mail even more effective choice for business users.

The 'Lite' free plan is suitable for Small or Medium businesses. It allows you to have up to 5 users with a single domain for email hosting. Each user under free plan gets 5GB storage. 

The paid plans start at $2.5 per month per user. The admin can any number of users, based on the number of licenses purchased with Zoho Mail. The details of plans are available in the  Pricing page. You can opt for a trial period of 30 days, before you opt to purchase any of the paid plans. 

The process to migrate your email hosting from your current provider to Zoho Mail, or  enable email hosting for a new domain is an easy process as described below. You can also migrate  your email data to Zoho Mail using our Migration tool and thus can continue your business without any impact.

Step 1: Add and Verify the domain or Buy a Domain
Step 2: Add users and Create Email Accounts (or) Import Users
Step 3: Create Groups and Run Test Migration to Zoho for 2 users.
Step 4: Once Step 3 is successfully completed, Point your MX records to Zoho Server
Step 5: Mail Migration for rest of the users.

For more help in Mail Administration Console Panel, refer this help page.

Benefits of Email Hosting with Zoho

Zoho Mail offers Affordable hosting services for Business users. With your domain hosted with Zoho, you can have the domain based email address user@yourdomain.com. Zoho Mail for Business is free for first three users with 1GB mailbox each.
  • If you already own a domain, you can register and verify your existing domain to enable email hosting.
  • You can buy a new domain through us and start email hosting in that domain.
Zoho mail offers a lot of collaboration and email management features for the Business and Organization users. Some of them are listed below.

  • Powerful Administrative Console
  • Multiple domain management
  • No Ads even in free version 
  • Free up to 3 users
  • Multiple Domain based Mail Alias creation
  • POP Server Support
  • IP based Security Option
  • Groups with varied access controls
  • Group Mail
  • Catch All Mail box
  • Effective SPAM control
  • Organize your Email effectively with Folders, Labels and Filters
  • Web based Mail with attractive features and anytime anywhere access
  • Access via IMAP and POP
  • Manage your other accounts via POP inside Zoho Mail
  • Access all Business Apps from a single console

Zoho mail offers all the above mentioned features without harming the users’ privacy and security. Zoho mail does not display ads even for the free users. 

Email Migration from your Existing Provider:

Zoho Mail provides an IMAP/ POP based migration tool in the Admin console of Zoho Mail. You can set up migration for the email  accounts directly from the Control Panel of Zoho Mail, through POP/ IMAP. Refer to some of the points below about Email Migration.
  • The individual Email Accounts and any group Email Accounts need to be created in Zoho prior to migration. Refer 'Admin Console' help for detailed process
  • POP or IMAP Server and the PORT details for your Mail Server
  • POP/ IMAP access needs to be enabled for individual accounts
  • It is advised to perform a test migration initially for 2 to 3 users before starting the actual migration
  • You need to have the Source Email addresses, Source Passwords and the respective Destination Email Addresses to perform the migration. (An option to upload CSV file is also there)

Refer to the help page 'Migration' for detailed information related to the Migration Process. 

Migration duration

The duration of Migration depends on the number of user, size of data to be Migrated, Number of parallel connections supported by the Server, Bandwidth and Network Connectivity.
Maximum number of emails that will be migrated in an hour/user is     =         1,500
When the Maximum Connection limit is set to 5  (i.e 5 users * 1,500)   =         7,500  (per hour for 5 users)
So, email messages that will be migrated in a day (i.e 7,500 * 24 hrs)  =      180,000

Assuming, average of each mail size is 250 KB, data transferred to Zoho shall be 45,000,000 KB (i.e 180,000 * 250 KB) , i.e. 45 GB per day for 5 maximum connections.

In case you need any information pertaining to Email Migration, send an email to us with the following details at support (at) zohomail (dot) com.

  • Number of user accounts to be migrated
  • Approximate Size of the data to be Migrated (in GB)
  • Whether your Mail Server supports POP/ IMAP protocol
  • Maximum number of parallel connections that can be made to your Server at a given time

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