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Zoho Webmail Interface

Zoho Mail Web interface will look like this. The screen can be classified into different sections.

Zoho Top Links has links to Zoho Apps, Help, Zoho Mail Settings, Feedback, Zoho Accounts page and Sign Out option.

  • Zoho Apps – You can navigate to other Zoho Apps from here
  • Shortcuts – Shortcuts to Compose a new Email, open a new Document, New Sheet etc.
  • Links to the Zoho Mail Help resources like, Online Help, FAQ, Keyboard Shortcuts and What’s New pages
  • Settings – The Zoho Mail Account Settings, POP Account settings, Composer Preferences,Filters, Signatures, auto-responders are all managed from here
  • My Account – Links to the common Zoho Account settings page, where you can reset your password, change your time zone, modify your language etc.
  • Sign Out – Signs Out from all the Zoho Applications
  • Left Pane

    Left pane has the Compose button, Folders, Archive Folders, Labels and Views. You can drag and drop folders in the pane to move them. The bottom of the Left Pane has different tabs to navigate through POP accounts configured in Zoho.

    Tabbed Pane

    The tabbed pane area is the main area where various tabs are opened based on the selected options. When any user logs in, Inbox tab is displayed by default.

    Mail listing pane

    Mail listing pane is the area where the mails are listed based on the selected folder/label/view/ search. The mails can be sorted and searched in this area. You can also drag and drop the messages from Mail listing pane to various folders to move them, or over labels to apply labels.

    Preview Pane

    Preview pane is the area where any mail selected in the mail listing area is previewed by default. The Preview pane can be enabled/ disabled from the settings menu. There are various commands available in the Preview pane itself. You can perform actions on the active message in the preview pane, like moving to a folder, applying a label, adding to contacts, creating a filter for similar messaged, forward, reply etc.

    Search Box

    Search box is the small text box located above the mail listing pane to search the mails based on the selected options. You can enter the search text in the edit box and select the required criteria to search mails.

    Embedded Chat bar

    The embedded Chat bar located at the bottom enables to communicate in real-time with online contacts. You can add/ invite your contacts to use Zoho chat. You can communicate instantly with the contacts using the integrated chat application.

    Browsers Supported

    Zoho mail is a web based email. You need not install any email client or any application in your system to receive your emails. You can use just your browser to view your mails online. Zoho Mail supports the following browsers.
    • Firefox 2.0 and above
    • IE 6 & above
    • Chrome
      The following browsers can be used to access Zoho mail, but they are not extensively tested for all the features.
    • Flock
    • Opera 9.2 & above
    • Safari

    Regardless of the browser type, you must enable JavaScript and cookies to use Zoho Mail effectively.

    Enable JavaScript


    If JavaScript is not enabled in your browser, Zoho Mail will not function properly. Follow the instructions below to enable JavaScript in some of the popular browsers. If your browser is not listed below, refer to the help resources of your browser to enable JavaScript.

    For Microsoft Internet Explorer

    1. Open Internet Explorer. From Menu bar, Click Tools | Select Internet Options
    2. In the Security tab, con the Custom Level button.
    3. Locate the Scripting section and the sub-section Active Scripting in it.
    4. Under Active Scripting options, select ‘Enable’ to enable Active Scripting and click OK
    For Firefox
    1. Open Firefox. From Menu bar, Click Tools | Options
    2. Select Content Tab
    3. Select ‘Enable Java Script' and click OK

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