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Seamless Integrations in Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail now provides seamless integrations with Tasks, Notes, Zoho CRM and Zoho People. These integrations help you to organize your email, stay connected, define priorities and follow up your action items better than before.
  1. Log in to mail.zoho.com
  2. Click Settings » Mail » Gadgets
  3. Select Enable Gadgets to enable contextual gadgets.
  4. Select Enable for Zoho People and Zoho CRM to enable the specific application related integrations.

Add notes from Email:

You can directly add and link a note to the email you are currently reading. Click on the ‘Notes’ icon in the Mail Integration bar to add a note.

After you click ‘Save’ the note will be saved. You can click on Add Note again, to add another note to the same email. In the email listing, an icon will be added to the email, denoting an item linked with the email. 

The added notes can be viewed from the Notes application in the Apps bar.

Link an email with a Task:

You can add follow up tasks to an email, by clicking the Tasks icon to create a linked Task and add a reminder and a due date to the added task. You can add more tasks to the same email using the Add Task option. 

There are options to set up reminders by email, or by popup for a particular task. You can view the entire list of tasks from the Tasks application in the Apps bar. 

Quick add to CRM:

You can directly add a CRM contact or lead from the mail. Further once you have created the record in CRM, you can directly associate a task or event or note with the CRM Contact or the lead. Further if you have added a CRM Contact, you can link a potential with the CRM contact, from this section itself.
This integration is available to the users, only if the user has Active Zoho CRM Mail Add On configuration.

The contacts/ leads added can be directly checked in the respective sections in CRM. 

Connect with People:

You can look up for a person in your organization, directly by clicking the Info icon. The Info tab provides the details like the desk location, extension number, online status of the Senders and the Recipients list in the selected email.
The details in the Info tab are based on the data in Zoho People application and this integration will be available only if your Organization has subscribed to Zoho People.

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