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Access from Mobile


Mobile WAP

You can access Zoho Mail from your mobile phone in multiple ways depending on your Phones configuration. If you have a GPRS enabled phone, which supports internet browsing, you can access the mobile version of Zoho without installing any other applications.

Steps to access Zoho mail from Mobile browser
  1. Open your mobile browser
  2. Type mobile.zoho.com
  3. Login using your credentials
  4. After successful login, your welcome screen appears.
  5. Click on Mail
  6. Click on Compose to compose and send a new mail.
  7. You can browse through folders, apply labels to your mails, flag your messages and also search mails.
  8. Select multiple messages and apply labels or flags.
Note: You have to click on 'Fetch mails' to check for new mails.

Mobile Email

If you have a multimedia enables smartphone, which has an email program (like iPhone or iPad, Nokia-Symbian, Palm, Windows Mobile etc), you can configure the email program of your phone to fetch mail from Zoho mail and access your mail on the move.

IPhone Configuration
  1. Enable IMAP in the ZOHO Mail interface.
  2. If this is the first account you're setting up on the iPhone or the iPod Touch, tap Mail. Otherwise, from the Home screen choose Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Accounts and choose Add Account.
  3. Click ‘Other’ in the Welcome screen. In the next screen, click ‘Add Mail Account’.
  4. In the New Account, provide Preferred Display name, Email Address, Password and a suitable description and Click Next.
  5. Click ‘Save’ to save the information entered. Your iPhone will verify your account information by connecting with ZOHO Mail server.
  6. Upon successful completion, you will be navigated to Mails screen.
  7. To configure folder settings for synchronization, select the new account and Click Advanced.
  8. In Mailbox behaviors, map the iPhone folders to the folders in the Server.
  9. Deleting a message in iPhone will not delete the message from Zoho mail. To change the settings in iPhone, navigate to Deleted Messages section, Click Remove. Choose an option based on your preference.
    • Never – Even if you delete a message in the iPhone, it will not effect in the web mail
    • After One Day – When you delete a mail in your iPhone, it will get deleted in the webmail a day later.
    • After One Week – When you delete a mail in your iPhone, it will get deleted in the webmail after 1 week time.
    • After One Month – When you delete a mail in your iPhone, it will get deleted in the webmail after 1 month time.
  10. The folders will now be in sync wherever you access the mails.
  11. You have now successfully configured Zoho mail in your iPhone.

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